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About LearnCS

LearnCS is an open-source website aiming to help programmers - from novice to experienced - to find resources to learn computer science. It covers a lot of topics and provides relevant links and courses. Hope it could be helpful!

It is still under developing and more features are coming.

About Me

Hi there! This is Hael. I am a graduate student pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science degree at Northeastern University - Seattle campus, and a Software Development Engineer Intern at Expedia Group. My undergraduate major is electrical computer engineering, which is more about hardware. However, I don't like hardware at all. Therefore I would find various resources to enrich my computer science knowledge. I am still seeking now. And I would like to share those resources with you. Honestly, for most content shared at LearnCS, I just hear of them, or planed to study them but never started. Anyway, as a programmer, just keep learning. And stay safe and healthy during these times.